No Rest

Now that the bile has settled (a diaspora of desire-less malcontent) An unborrowed breath inhales And remembers the training-wheels Removed themselves with heavy eyes Many myopic moons ago (intentional assonance?) Clipped wings do not hold back movement; They require a drawing board visit to refigure flight. (there are flightless birds: no?) And as the scientist’s […]

You say Tuesday night: I say toe-curled cliff

Wrapped in a weird version Of someone else’s broken cowboy-blues, With no vindication to be had (or brought to) – By exposing another’s crippled coiled lies: Is perseverance’s elastic passage cleared (we hope) To devour interloper’s base insert assertions? Or, does blind despotic dominance’s mico-immediacy acquisition Annihilate all well-intentioned macro-foundational goals Through His-Story’s first come, […]

No Matter How You Frame It – You Are It

An out-of-place feeling This evening possesses: A particular quiet calm Made only capable Within its peculiar wetness During early October nights.  Or is it this still in/tact holiday? The one that divides all manners Into rights and wrongs  By individuals with too much time, Or, at the very least, In dire need of a hobby.  […]

Can we still say the “g” word?

For some reason  It is hard for me to see That you also see The ingredients  That compose my soul. And I have no choice (seemingly – at this point) But to link  Said soul-content-observations To co-dependent symptomatology. For this thought Within this thought Candid and clear Yet unnoticed with guise Drifts to the forefront.  […]

The Only Person You Have to Fool is You

America is being washed with curdled buttermilk and turpentine – Casein chunks backfill the moral  pockmarks of the deluded dissolute. No need to wrap one’s skin around a bullet over the matter. Have you seen a Blobfish? Their existence can challenge anyone’s perception of reality. It is comforting to  view earth as it is – […]