There was a period of my life (I’d just returned to Jersey from North Carolina after a brain damage causing near death experience) when I would commuting from Trenton to Palmer Square in Princeton to barista. At times, this period is hazy (brain damage), but several memories remain in my immediate recall – this is […]


Entrepreneur, Model Family Man, and Prolific Podcaster, Jesan Sorrells, Interviews Me

Jesan Sorrells Audio Experience Episode #8 — Interview w/Ryan Jerome Stout (Part I) I met Jesan Sorrells in 2000 at Burlington County Community College. I saw signs posted around campus that advertised a writing club but no details on how to join. I finally walked into the Director of Student Activities office and inquired about the club. […]

Another July Death

Death possesses a particular life of its own — does it not? A glimpse into the bowels of what once was. Life and death, in this particular context, refer to existence and no longer extant: but how can one quantify and/or qualify existence if existence encompasses everything and all for the incalculable infinity? Or, otherwise, […]

The Mislabeling of Love?

Would human history be different if William’s James commissioned Dmitri Mendeleev and Sigmund Freud to design, label, and quantify human emotions into a systematic map?— like a periodic chart for ‘feelings’. And, there is in fact, no commensurate synonym capable of capturing ‘emotions’ essence (not in the English language anyway). ‘Feelings,’ is a syntactic necessity, […]