the same god

I am pretty sure of one thing: the god that hath bestowed this virus of spiritual magnitude upon us is the same god that wilt cure its ails (ominous sounds lurk in the background).

Well it finally caught up to us: the priapic languor of our misdeeds – a foolproof exploitation of coerced naivete. And I cannot find the concern to be concerned with your “slightly over baked croutons.” I’ve survived long enough to bury the man responsible for my earlier dodging of death. And what is to be expected: nature will always win: the needle finds the vein. And the great Enigmatic force, out of our view, out of our dimension, out of our minds, and gifting us plebeians endless cues to move towards wellness. But it is just one long creep……………It is the frog in the water. The lobster in my bath. It is the pedophile in my cross hairs (I am a terrible shot). Is it serious? It took longer for my package from China to be delivered to my apartment than it did for a virus to be delivered to the states from China. When I mention this to people, they sort of shrug their shoulders and roll their eyes, “meh.” But the last 3 years have been good practice. I’ve been social distancing for years now. I don’t want to go back. I am living my best life and have never felt better!


Well the sludge has been upturned and the worms are making their way out from the inside. Inside our guts to our bellies to our throats to our nasal cavity to the wet-brained drippings of our gelatinous minds. We are so disconnected from reality, we are now in a prime time cartoon of Shakespearean craft – all tragedy moving towards all comedy. The hero’s traded their courage for a ride on the big-tited hermaphroditic bull self-containing orgy-ing itself through secret special places of our nation’s untouched babies in their strollers, in their cribs, in their papooses, in their utero. The “show” is more valuable than its cast, and it is not a matter of it “must” go on. It is Goooooing on! The alacrity of such minstrels and thespians stuns the right-thinking mind – like the cuttlefish mesmerizing its prey. We are “all in.” On exactly what, no one is sure, but goddamn it is all up in there – like a glory hole into Venus’s belly (she is perpetually pregnant so we just nut and nut and nut and nut all up in her, she will keep taking it – she is mother. She is the embodiment of unconditional love. She is co-dependent. Mother will “take care” of us.




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