What the bleep? Do we really know?

“An idea not reduced to first principle and skips three grades to belief, is no different than the tunnel visioned dogmatic mind – a lazy fact-check-less axiom. It is not groundbreaking; it is Hanlon’s Razor.”

– Ryan Jerome Stout

Epigenetic-ish champion Dr. Bruce Lipton postulates one can manifest the betterment of their life: health, success, career, self-esteem, relationships, etc., by altering one’s imprinted negative subconscious, which, according to his theory, is a byproduct of the systemic programing exposed to people during the first seven years of their life. Lipton believes the individuals in closest proximity (generally speaking, parents) inherently, and often unknowingly, program the child’s subconscious. Everything from the child’s demeanor, social interactions, and mannerisms are aped by the nascent youth. However, this assumes happy, healthy, and successful people are raised by exemplary models. If the aforementioned concept is valid, then the inversion of its principles must ring true. Much of this makes good sense. But my feeling, which seem to function as currency on Mr. Lipton’s website, is it is not good judgement to speak in terms of absolutes on such a delicate topic – the potentiality for misinterpretation is simply too great. (Like people popping Chloroquine to their death because our dope of a president mentioned it.) And this is my issue with Mr. Lipton’s thesis. He seems to conflate anecdotal happenings for philosophical absolutes, and by proxy, biological absolutes. Too many opportunities for confirmation bias exist. When pragmatic deduction is applied, epigenetic-ish is, at best, an ideal sentiment for the believing mind’s detachment from its traumatic experience(s). I am aware I am insulated by a multitude of things: not many people will read this, not many people care, and I am not an expert or a doctor. But I deduce, after reading the chapter written by Leigh Fortson on Bruce Lipton’s website, it is more productive, informative, and transparent if hard data supporting Bruce’s postulates is available for curious minds, rather than a stream of paragraphs bloviating about Bruce Lipton’s panacea key to unlock magical thinking.

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