Brush Cats

Several weeks back

I noticed a black and white cat

in the florid brush

across the street.

Initially thought

to be an exploratory

house cat – most likely feral.

I snapped a photo of the cat

sitting on a railroad tie

between the tracks –

I yelled out,

“No, don’t do it!

You will find meaning –

I promise!” (There was

no train coming, and I

most certainly could not

make that promise –

it was just the funniest

don’t kill yourself thing

I could think to say

at the time).

Or (perhaps)

I personified the cat –

representing several recent

passively suicided

friends. A few days

later I saw the cat trudge

from the wooded area

behind the train tracks

through the brush

with a tiny black kitten

in tow. I have no idea

the dynamic of

their relationship,

but they seemed to be

friends. It made me smile.

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