Rhymes with a segment of the color wheel that rhymes with a small commune town in Northeastern France

Some things that are orange:

Aspirations, songs about sea

Anemones, the two peeking

Tails (or faceless heads) of 

Ayer’s Rock – in fact many rock 

Formations and canyons are 

Orange. And if you are 

Interested in some images to 

Corroborate my aforementioned 

Rock-orange claim, may I suggest 

Upper Antelope Canyon’s: 

The Candle; in fact,

You know how once you notice

A thing, you soon become

Somewhat surrounded by that 

Thing. This week, orange is 

That thing: orange cars flood 

The road, an orange clasp watch 

At my local antique store, diced 

Mangoes for dessert, orange 

With green and beige embroidered

Seahorse mats on my mother’s 

coffee table. 


The surprise synchronization

Encounter of the evening –

In the form of “My Big Fat 

Greek Wedding” dialogue.


“Now that’s not a name you 

hear every day. Does it mean 

anything in your language?”

“Well, my Greek name, 

Fotoula, means “Light of 

God.” “Who would like a 

Coffee? So, you’re Greek 

Then? What’s your last 

Name?” “Portokalos. 

In Greek, it means “orange.” 

Like an orange that you eat, 

the one with the peel, not the color.”

(Disclaimer: please do not 

Attempt to peel or eat

Orange rocks – thank you)


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