Does Forever Last Forever?

I spoke with a barista the other day. 

Since the shop was empty (as most

Still are) we got to chatting. I learned

That she is a musician and currently

Working on recording another album.

I told her I wrote a book of poetry a 

Few years back. She asked me what 

I write about: I couldn’t really say. I

Took my espresso and went outside.

I sat at a table and began a short 

Story about god-awful things I prefer

Not mention. Then I was struck by 

An idea – I’ll just write a poem and 

Give it to her. As I walk home I 

Realize (once again) I gave the only

Copy away: I reflect on all the times

In my life I have done so. But it 

Passes quickly. I began to think of

All of my encounters with ephemeral

Beauty (and I am neither the porcupine,

Nor the car). It was a really good day:

One can aspire to embody the calm

essence of graceful impermanence. 

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