A White Noise Hum Like Warmth

When the tears you cry are dry

And you’re surrounded by wolves

No one hears you

An emptiness prevails

And your hollow cavity expands

Stagnant air settles

Hope resides in heart’s mind

But the boy’s loneliness cripples

Beyond a want to repair

You grow into your role

As the unhealable wound 

Each brick made of paper

Mortar made of spit

A crumbling structure

Melts like sunday rain on sugar

This liquid sweetness 

Finds all the lowest points together

But each drop – eventually alone

The loose skin around the forgotten arm

Sags without reprieve 

Inside broken desolate dreams

But you grow into your role

Of an existence you’ve always known

There’s not one place to mend

You are the unhealable wound

Can you avoid any more

The obvious the same

A troubled area left to rome

In a hopeful love lorn life

The responsibility to live

Holds waning interest

So now your relocation

Presses incessant will

To vacant means

Of perpetuities demise

Can a heart heal itself

The flesh and cells do not break

What keeps it warm?

In this cold quiet fade

Fingers reach to break

And what was once a safety grip

Disappears in front of your eyes

These wounds prideful and strong

Force their outcomes upon attempts

To figure a productive stride

But your role has grown around you

Like a fungal casing

Of unhealable flesh and love

To heal is a game with changed rules

Never learned or shared

A vast emptiness triumphs 

Thank goodness for loneliness

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