Awareness’s Unawareness

I don’t know shit, but…

Years ago Ben 

Would egg me on to do things 


Should not do – Like wait till I was 30 drinks deep 


Dare me to free climb a 3 story building.  


Both knew we could 

so therefore,

We did

Actualize our potentials 

by satiating an Untouchable place of intimacy  

Only present in brotherly love. 

But now, I am filled with apprehension,

or fear, as it were – my guess is,

it is, and


I really don’t know shit.  But somehow

I convince myself otherwise. And you tell me

You can hear my frontal lobe playing red-rover,

And sometimes the guards cannot 

Secure hands tight enough to resist blasting through

The person-made barrier. 

And so, i do not resist my foolish thoughts 

and/or impulses;

For they were here long before I,

and I presume

When their essence exits me,

it will float into the next unknowingly

willing recipient to maximize

its unlimited nature.

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