Entrepreneur, Model Family Man, and Prolific Podcaster, Jesan Sorrells, Interviews Me

Jesan Sorrells Audio Experience Episode #8 — Interview w/Ryan Jerome Stout (Part I)

I met Jesan Sorrells in 2000 at Burlington County Community College. I saw signs posted around campus that advertised a writing club but no details on how to join. I finally walked into the Director of Student Activities office and inquired about the club. The director chuckled and told me it had been defunct for several years. She suggested I restart the club, and that club sign ups began in the cafeteria in 10 minutes. I relocated to the cafeteria, sat at an catering table, and wrote, “Writing Club,” on a sheet of looseleaf paper. The only interested passerby person was Jesan. Out of the gate, I knew this guy was special, driven, and had big plans, which was great for me, because I was a dude with a Bic pen and a blank sheet of looseleaf paper. Within five days we outlined a mission statement and set goals for the semester. One of which, I am proud to say, was the student publication, Regio. (The name born when Jesan pointed to a word on a page I haphazardly flipped open to in an Italian to English dictionary we found in the office of student affairs. The word Jesan randomly pointed to was, regio, which translates to, royal. A synchronized, “Perfect!” exited our mouths). After that semester, Jesan continued on his path of solving the world’s problems one conflict at a time, and I continued on path of weirdness and alternative lifestyle decision making. Jesan is a remarkable person, a successful business owner, and, most importantly, a tremendous family man (a noteworthy accomplishment for a world in conflict). I am grateful for our friendship and honored he asked me to be a guest on one of his many successful ventures: Jesan Sorrells Presents Audio Experience Podcast. I hope you enjoy this episode half as much as I enjoyed participating in it. Thank you and godspeed!


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