Accepting the Guilt: for DUMMIES

When your will is reduced  To a limp palm frond And your motivation Lies lifeless  In a pool  Of its own blood – Lacerated wrists, Tire eyed relief, Broken face and Punctured eardrums – It may be time To concede: You can no longer outwit  Your cerebral deficiencies Or  Stave off your last goodbye                                                                      […]

All of it, Bone

A vacancy occupies  this cavernous cavity: where heart, lungs,  and stomach, as well as other functioning organs, would typically be;  but what exists is – this space –  an empty location.  And in your head placate voice: a voice you’ve assigned a name. This name plants interferences in an attempt to protect your delicate sensibilities.  […]

If not, I would have cried myself to sleep – again.

(excerpt from Stratus Portal: a book by Matthew Bailey and Ryan Jerome Stout) The path reveals itself, almost mystically – a slight tear in the space/time fabric, an interdimensional hangnail rift exposing the beginnings of whatever lies behind a canvas covering a nonexistent moment’s prior dimension. Where the ornate wrought iron fence meets the concrete […]

Fog of Mirror

A threshold-less door And a story retold, But I always knew It was always you. My superpower is: My comforting nature – I am a baby-blanket In the hands of crisis.  I’ll wait – I’ve waited: And if there is no rush To complete anything,  Then I have the time.  And today I was there: […]


I contemplate About “What is god?” My mind fingers through Rolodex memories In hopes of plucking Certainty’s answer From a flower’s fecund Pinch-petal beauty. A velvet tongue wraps- Around a forgotten arm’s Deferred rotten dream.  I think of the deaths I have lived: all remain Intact – like remnants of  A broken borrowed dream. Now, […]

44 is the new 43

I “celebrated” my 44th birthday on Monday January 10th, three days after posting a negative Covid test (Co=corona, Vi=virus, D=disease) after being sick with some form of passing through viral ailment since December 9th. Yesterday, January 14th, I spent the day in Indianapolis with a friend who currently lives in Chicago – what  a lovely […]