Articles of Unity #Unity2020

The Articles of Unity A Patriotic Plan To Save Our Republic #Unity2020 Jun 29 · 9 min read “A Republic, if you can keep it.” — Benjamin Franklin Imagine it’s November 4th, the morning after the election. How will you feel? If President Trump is returned to office, will you feel that your future is […]

Mechanism of Fowl…In a Way

On perspective… Thank goodness I am both in the egg and its contents: safe, warm, and removed from a world I know impossible to comprehend – feigned domicile control (and heart and mind). I know of no chicken. I am no chicken! When I wake: I do not blink. I do not blink for you; […]

A Father’s Uncanny Diplomacy

On the menu: chocolate chip pancakes under chocolate sauce topping. And without say, a complementary side of butcher cut bacon. A decadent breakfast for a fit mountain man whose perfunctory meals are sans sweetmeat. (A father who considers a foil wrapped Kiss on his melted tongue, a sporadic indulgent dopaminergic treat.) And the artless betrayal […]