“is this just it?”

Tears turn to cannot be bothered by your silly histrionics. A forgotten article of their clothing finds its way into the Goodwill bin without a thought: Owed money becomes a write off. The ability to conjure dopaminergic joy needs more and more coaxing. And your definition of love evolves into something you once thought sad […]


To wake holds it own challenge – like an unremembered dream that seems to mean nothing: its hollow space fills the emptiness. Time does not think for itself, yet remains free as free can be: never shirks responsibility, nor is ever late. Can time ever be satisfied? How empty it must feel to never succeed […]

I know how long forever is

A stomach grows empty from mind’s rumination, And maybe a fault conjures from one’s own making  Interpreted as fiction: but decency claims, “Unlikely.” I smile at existence’s indefinite conclusion of  Whether this is in fact happening or just a series Of ideas with bodies put into imaginative places.  Should be no surprise to re-realize peace […]

Sesquipedalian Drivel

An Outrageous parlous contagion Sways in ways of bacteriophage Yet circumspect a faceless mask Showers a sneezing spray  But to assuage these corona days So commonplace it equivocates Across the aisle and across the isle Duplicitous charm and intransigent guile Insights fomenting minds of plebeians’   Enervate consternations and Aped revolution’s feigned attempts At dissolute governmental […]

Slurry Of Discontented Content

Alluvial fans Twist like screws Penetrate underbellies Of all tomorrow’s harvests. Formation of round More endless than god Conductor of ohm’s Like the place holding Aether. Light’s velocity In Galactic journey Immeasurable points Touching endlessly. Magnanimous scale Synchronous parts All within Pinpoint Pineal. Savior is Art! Proves with no doubt The limitations Of one thousand […]

To: The Egg and The Chicken

            Thank goodness I am both the egg and its contents: safe, warm – removed from the volatile world and its shape-shifting landscape – heart and mind feign control: neither are convinced – a paragon of uncertainty. And I know the chick. I am no chicken! When I wake, I think it impossible to navigate […]

Anger Manager

On a BBC video utilized as a commercial by an esteemed institution of higher learning I can nearly see from the three minute stroll to beachfront at the end of my brother’s street –  coincidentally (maybe not?) is the first on my list of graduate  programs I am applying to – a girl flashes on […]