I Elroy, an elder, walks out the heavy metal entrance door of the non-profit substance and mood disorder facility in response to screeching sirens – two fire engines and two police cars situate themselves in both directions under the high bridge appropriately nicknamed (particularly is this situation) suicide bridge: this occurs as I walk through […]

OC 21

It starts with an innocuous enough thought, “play the string, play the string, play the string, play the string: ad infinitum (seemingly).” I can usually monitor and temper the repetitions when I incorporate a tactile element: touching my fingers in descending order to my thumb in a fluid movement, tapping my horribly misaligned (due to […]

Pre-sleep sleep

capital building capital while she too goes to two tractor rallies also. his solid transparency heard me looking the other way with curds of lemon and maybe some whey? this pane is a pain in the ass has an ass of an ass, and she evacuates in the stairwell during the evacuation. refrain the refrain […]

Death Again

I mean, death possesses a certain life of its own does it not? A glimpse into the bowels of what once was. Life and death refer to existence and no longer extant, but existence functions on a continuum. A sentiment and philosophy acknowledged in the band name N.E.R.D. (No-one Ever Really Dies), unless… William S. […]

Does Forever Last Forever?

I spoke with a barista the other day.  Since the shop was empty (as most Still are) we got to chatting. I learned That she is a musician and currently Working on recording another album. I told her I wrote a book of poetry a  Few years back. She asked me what  I write about: […]

What I Learned

The depths our hearts can hug – A matter of proximity convenience.  Selective substance demarcations: A mercurial menu assigned to me (no substitutions). Wellness is a casting call: My role replaced while feeding the meter. Once a main character  In an evolutionary love story Now told to not enter The ornate theater I helped build.

god’s currency

money and security anchor decency: it golfs in Arizona’s  sun shiny loneliness and drinks alone with Florida’s coastal boating or adores a mountaintop sunrise and recidivist love :the art of god sleeps soundly.