Concede to the Velociraptor

On our first date I reveal to her I have regular periods Of depression.   She asks If those periods Are caused by Anything in particular.   I tell her They start around The third week Of December And typically conclude Around May – June.   Her innate reaction (a nervous laugh). Then she exclaims, […]

Brush Cats

Several weeks back I noticed a black and white cat in the florid brush across the street. Initially thought to be an exploratory house cat – most likely feral. I snapped a photo of the cat sitting on a railroad tie between the tracks – I yelled out, “No, don’t do it! You will find […]

DarkHorse Podcast – Intellectual Roundtable

Unity Party curator, biologist, and evolutionary theorist, Bret Weinstein, hosts a black intellectual roundtable on his podcast, The DarkHorse. Bret and his guests have made it their responsibility to propagate depth of insight (information, data, and perspective) through courageous, solution based discussion. Bret Weinstein’s DarkHorse Podcast – Black Intellectual Roundtable

The Rational Mind

The rational mind is not for art. Art is de-rationalizing the mind: blasting through childhood’s unfavorable voices, patient discomfort, figuring what the actual fuck you are trying to say, refining expressions, tapping pineal and essence like tiny hole trephination (drilling safe passage to expel skull demons), moderating self- flagellates, controlled torture, and, most importantly, empowering […]

“I am absolutely certain” new track by Wanderfalke

Wanderfalke, Western Carolina’s non-conventional sound manipulation mood master releases, “I am absolutely certain,” an ambient, textural soundscape reminding us to take a breath and relax on this day of Independence. And consistent with Wanderfalke’s previous releases, they have impeccable timing: global pandemic, economic woes, burning antipodes of our magnanimous sphere, and myriad national and international […]

Articles of Unity #Unity2020

The Articles of Unity A Patriotic Plan To Save Our Republic #Unity2020 Jun 29 · 9 min read “A Republic, if you can keep it.” — Benjamin Franklin Imagine it’s November 4th, the morning after the election. How will you feel? If President Trump is returned to office, will you feel that your future is […]