From: Stratus Portal

(excerpt from Stratus Portal: a book by Matthew Bailey and Ryan Jerome Stout) The path reveals itself, almost mystically — a slight tear in the space/time fabric, an interdimensional hangnail rift exposing the beginnings of whatever lies behind a canvas covering a nonexistent moment’s prior dimension. Where the ornate wrought iron fence meets the concrete base loosens, as if […]

Awareness’s Unawareness

I don’t know shit, but… Years ago Ben  Would egg me on to do things  people  Should not do – Like wait till I was 30 drinks deep  and Dare me to free climb a 3 story building.   We  Both knew we could  so therefore, We did – Actualize our potentials  by satiating an Untouchable […]

I know what Bukowski would do, but I traded mine for certain solitude. 

Look at this night’s bloated passed out sky – It barely breathes: this sky’s a blacked out  Bukowski dream. A body-bruised dream  Trapped beneath a waterbed’s stale wretch.  Buk’s comments of grotesque eloquence Interlace macabre’s beauty through his guttural utterance To celebrate the intransigent nature of his personified sky: A black and blue’d mascara smeared […]

Book Sale

My first Book, Exploration After Death: A Painting, is on sale right now on Amazon. Buy one today: it’s contents will provide you with a weirdly singular comfort – like slurping Jello (but for your mind grapes).

Dead Ideas

The idea dies Before conceived, And no extant location  To associate anyway. This is no matter of where – Anymore;  This is matter of Why?  But more acutely inquiry’d –  Why Bother?

A White Noise Hum Like Warmth

When the tears you cry are dry And you’re surrounded by wolves No one hears you An emptiness prevails And your hollow cavity expands Stagnant air settles Hope resides in heart’s mind But the boy’s loneliness cripples Beyond a want to repair You grow into your role As the unhealable wound  Each brick made of […]