“You know you’re right…”

Maybe you were right – Right there at the end – An impersonal engagement as Each other’s wall peg. Perhaps my ideals Antiquated as your Bloodletting rituals, And the vestige Of self-respect And decency That remained for me, Refused to settle As your relegated Whipping post to be. I am…

From: Stratus Portal

(excerpt from Stratus Portal: a book by Matthew Bailey and Ryan Jerome Stout) The path reveals itself, almost mystically — a slight tear in the space/time fabric, an interdimensional hangnail rift exposing the beginnings of whatever lies behind a canvas covering a nonexistent moment’s prior dimension. Where the ornate wrought iron fence meets the concrete base loosens, as if […]

Awareness’s Unawareness

I don’t know shit, but… Years ago Ben  Would egg me on to do things  people  Should not do – Like wait till I was 30 drinks deep  and Dare me to free climb a 3 story building.   We  Both knew we could  so therefore, We did – Actualize our potentials  by satiating an Untouchable […]

I know what Bukowski would do, but I traded mine for certain solitude. 

Look at this night’s bloated passed out sky – It barely breathes: this sky’s a blacked out  Bukowski dream. A body-bruised dream  Trapped beneath a waterbed’s stale wretch.  Buk’s comments of grotesque eloquence Interlace macabre’s beauty through his guttural utterance To celebrate the intransigent nature of his personified sky: A black and blue’d mascara smeared […]

Book Sale

My first Book, Exploration After Death: A Painting, is on sale right now on Amazon. Buy one today: it’s contents will provide you with a weirdly singular comfort – like slurping Jello (but for your mind grapes).

Dead Ideas

The idea dies Before conceived, And no extant location  To associate anyway. This is no matter of where – Anymore;  This is matter of Why?  But more acutely inquiry’d –  Why Bother?