A White Noise Hum Like Warmth

When the tears you cry are dry And you’re surrounded by wolves No one hears you An emptiness prevails And your hollow cavity expands Stagnant air settles Hope resides in heart’s mind But the boy’s loneliness cripples Beyond a want to repair You grow into your role As the unhealable wound  Each brick made of […]


200 poems

I have a file on my computer of 200 unfinished/unpublished poems. Not that the locations of my mostly self-published works are of great notoriety, but I’ll take what I can get – even if self-created. I mean, I am (quite literally some-times) a starving artists. But that’s not true, and who gives a shit anyway […]

Accepting the Guilt: for DUMMIES

When your will is reduced  To a limp palm frond And your motivation Lies lifeless  In a pool  Of its own blood – Lacerated wrists, Tire eyed relief, Broken face and Punctured eardrums – It may be time To concede: You can no longer outwit  Your cerebral deficiencies Or  Stave off your last goodbye                                                                      […]

All of it, Bone

A vacancy occupies  this cavernous cavity: where heart, lungs,  and stomach, as well as other functioning organs, would typically be;  but what exists is – this space –  an empty location.  And in your head placate voice: a voice you’ve assigned a name. This name plants interferences in an attempt to protect your delicate sensibilities.  […]

If not, I would have cried myself to sleep – again.

(excerpt from Stratus Portal: a book by Matthew Bailey and Ryan Jerome Stout) The path reveals itself, almost mystically – a slight tear in the space/time fabric, an interdimensional hangnail rift exposing the beginnings of whatever lies behind a canvas covering a nonexistent moment’s prior dimension. Where the ornate wrought iron fence meets the concrete […]