What a Fucking Tightrope

You see the key is practice. The kind that is so focused, it has no choice but to improve every facet of your insignificant existence. And so, I pretend I am in a perpetual dram-state – it convinces me excellence is possible, and also, that disappointment is a choice. This may(?) only be learned through […]


While truculent tyrants eagerly destroy, And feed resentments with milit’ry jars. Mommy and Daddy and Baby fight wars Emotional theft of Parents, Daughters, Boys. Myriad tyrants vacillate in this life Trust no on until convinced they’re true Investigate yourself be sure it’s not you. Maybe a: friend, boss, a mother, your wife? Can be confusing […]

Little Junebug Always Loved Purple

Jung’s Red marries Maggie’s blue And shines in purple’s royal glory – Like the rich talents of my brothers’ golden hearts: Solid, malleable, pure, and valuable – We are: supportive ballasts of joy and guidance – For our Rolodex recall is fraught with  Isolation’s macabre silence – memories brushed  With strokes of tiny deaths and […]

This is Christmas

There is a weight on my chest And tears in my my eyes, and This seemed more manageable  With a scotch in my hand. But it wasn’t. Definitely number –  Not manageable though. The  Culprit is feelings. My conundrum Is placing them so I don’t explode,  Or intervening them so I do not Strangle someone […]


There is fitting evidence that the Earth will continues its complex movements  whether we do or not. Relativity explains not only  its miraculous heliocentric and myriad cosmic movements, (we are traveling 1.3 million miles per hour through an  unfathomable infinity – seriously? Think about it.) but its nuanced complexities also possess the talent to slow […]

Cinder Bridges

part I pale ash whispers through oxygen deprived Air like dandelion seeds released in warm wind. cracks and pops emit Vibrational prowess as damp wood turns smolder – there once was a bridge. part II taking fury to such great heights gently massages ego’s crowned face. while exposed nerves flowingly linger as Fiery Furnaces regurgitate […]

Slug Poem Gone Wrong

Several months back I began writing a poem about a slug I killed with salt when I child. The poem quickly devolved into a Morton Salt history lesson and advertisement. The poem’s initial intent was to parallel my somewhat innocent torturous slug salience to the George Floyd atrocity. As I sit here in reflection of […]

Rhymes with a segment of the color wheel that rhymes with a small commune town in Northeastern part

of France Some things that are orange: Aspirations, songs about sea Anemones, the two peeking Tails (or faceless heads) of  Ayer’s Rock – in fact many rock  Formations and canyons are  Orange. And if you are  Interested in some images to  Corroborate my aforementioned  Rock-orange claim, may I suggest  Upper Antelope Canyon’s:  The Candle; in […]


I wrote an unfinished poem about the time I killed a slug with salt. I went into great detail – nevertheless or alwaysthemore – I did not finish it. It was a build up: and the more I wrote, the more nuance I added. Here is what I was attempting to say in that long […]