I wrote an unfinished poem about the time I killed a slug with salt. I went into great detail – nevertheless or alwaysthemore – I did not finish it. It was a build up: and the more I wrote, the more nuance I added. Here is what I was attempting to say in that long […]

The fault of everything is not mine

“The pandemic has eroded democracy and respect for human rights” The Economist (17 Oct. 2020) Is like blaming  The bank you robbed Because you got caught, Or George W. Bush Declaring a war On terror.  There reside in me A self-righteous cynic  Hoping we  Are incapable Of recovering.  Will there ever Be enough strength To […]

Rhymes with a segment of the color wheel that rhymes with a small commune town in Northeastern France

Some things that are orange: Aspirations, songs about sea Anemones, the two peeking Tails (or faceless heads) of  Ayer’s Rock – in fact many rock  Formations and canyons are  Orange. And if you are  Interested in some images to  Corroborate my aforementioned  Rock-orange claim, may I suggest  Upper Antelope Canyon’s:  The Candle; in fact, You […]