Fog of Mirror

A threshold-less door And a story retold, But I always knew It was always you. My superpower is: My comforting nature – I am a baby-blanket In the hands of crisis.  I’ll wait – I’ve waited: And if there is no rush To complete anything,  Then I have the time.  And today I was there: […]



I contemplate About “What is god?” My mind fingers through Rolodex memories In hopes of plucking Certainty’s answer From a flower’s fecund Pinch-petal beauty. A velvet tongue wraps- Around a forgotten arm’s Deferred rotten dream.  I think of the deaths I have lived: all remain Intact – like remnants of  A broken borrowed dream. Now, […]

44 is the new 43

I “celebrated” my 44th birthday on Monday January 10th, three days after posting a negative Covid test (Co=corona, Vi=virus, D=disease) after being sick with some form of passing through viral ailment since December 9th. Yesterday, January 14th, I spent the day in Indianapolis with a friend who currently lives in Chicago – what  a lovely […]

Telephonic Posturing

The following is an excerpt from the book, With Covid, All Things Are Possible, set to be published in December 2022. Years ago I had a tremendous therapist: she helped me untangle (debunk?) several folkway assumptions. During one of our sessions I pulled out a togo clamshell filled with salad, and revealed to her (honest […]

I live with a ghost

I live with a ghost. His bones tacked to the walls, And his memories sold To the meat body Pacing nightly. I live with ghosts. Their lamps on my desks, And trunks on my floor. Neckties from before  Packed tightly in a  Precious box adorned. I am a ghost. A hollow idea of  Unattained ideals. […]

Another Death in July

(This post is an edited version of a lyrical essay first published on‘s July 2021 post) Death possesses a particular life of its own – does it not? A glimpse into the bowels of what once was. Life and death, in this particular context, refer to existence and no longer extant: but how can […]