End Game

What is the governments’ end game? Kill everyone who has an opinion and stands up for themselves in the face of injustice? The deep irony of the matter is, for every minority that is wrongfully killed (murdered), there are probably 10 minorities entering the US. As this perpetuates, many citizens of the United States become more acquainted with the motivations of individuals desiring exodus from their country of origin. I mean I get it –  in a way. Americans are handcuffed by the financial institutions enmeshment of economic governmental nepotism and playing political chess with “Big Daddy” as his fear and resentment continue to feed the evolving stratagems responsible for rigging the games against the majorities best interests. What does the US government think is going to happen? Every citizen is going to roll over in fear? I mean, we are still Americans. We are of violent beginnings don’t forget: isn’t there another solution? (Maybe we can sell them blankets to keep warm during the cold winter that lies ahead?) If that is your end game, go for it! Fuck it: kill us all, burn us alive. Do whatever you have to do. I can just imagine how proud you all will  be, standing with great honor and temerity atop your magnanimous pile of cinder, sword in hand, arms raised, hoarding once coveted lands and resources as they smolder towards their imminence of dust, ash, and tephra.

Or, wait, maybe that is the answer: the hegemony has (as have the populous) grown comfortable (like exposure therapy) with their documented cases of sexual assault. Yes! That is it. Us quixotic plebeians we will sacrifice our bodies for the greater good. Lay our supple bodies to be caroused and caressed on your proverbial alters. “Have your way – our fearless leaders. You know what is best. You must force yourselves upon our languorous dead bodies to prove, no, not prove, everyone is well aware of your superiority, to remind the world of your peremptory dominance!” (How grateful we must feel to be of service to the antiquated cause.)

Next stop: Necrophilia – we won’t feel a thing!

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